Broken Daughters

Picking up the shattered glass of fundamentalism

I met a socialist and he was very nice.


Fundies certainly hate governments in every form. Not that they would act up against a normal, nice government, they can’t because the bible tells them not to. But they do despise everything which is government-controlled.

I grew up believing that socialism, along with communism, was one of the most wicked inventions the devil ever came up with. My idea of socialism was that they’d take away all we own, evaluate how much we need to absolutely survive and give us just that and nothing more. That all we worked for was given to a lazy person doing drugs and pimping whores, laughing at us for being so stupid as to pay for them. If our government ran health insurance, we would get evaluated and, depending on our age, health, usefulness for society, intelligence and so on, they would decide if they’d cure our cancer. Grandpa and old aunts and uncles who fell sick would certainly be lined up to be shot because they couldn’t work anymore and curing them was too expensive!

Are you laughing yet? Because I’m dead serious, I did have that image in my mind and now I’m laughing too.

Fundies are obsessed with the idea that God will provide for all their needs. They don’t mind not having enough, they just pray harder. They interpret every single good deal as God’s gift to them – “Oh my geese! I just found a notebook for $1!! GOD IS SO GOOD!” Are you kidding me…?

When people start viewing every form of public help as devilish and sinful, when every little detail in life seems to need a note on it saying “love, God” to be accepted, that’s just utterly stupid and crazy. I read a family’s blog, I will not name them here, but they had a hospital bill of about 200k, and instead of accepting governmental help which they were entitled to (and rightfully so, given the situation), they decided to say “No” and pray for a miracle. I’m wondering if the hospital was so excited to keep sitting on that 200k bill. I wonder if they had actual trouble paying the nurses, doctors and equipment they needed. I just think its retarded.

I heard a story a while ago that went something like this:

There was a good christian man going on a river cruise. But, unfortunately, the ship started sinking. In all the trouble, the man fell overboard and just kept floating around there. He was quickly noticed by the ship’s staff. One of the seamen jumped into the water, afraid the man might drown. When he reached the man, our good christian simply answered “No thanks, no need to rescue me. God will help me!”. The seaman was confused to the bone but instead started rescuing others. A bit later, the man was still floating in the very same spot. Another seaman throw a lifesaver at him, yelling “Hold on to it, I’ll pull you out!” But then man again said “No thank you, God will rescue me!”. The ship finally sank, the man tired and exhausted in the water, until he drowned.

So, why exactly did he drown? Because he had a totally wrong image of how God would help him. That sometimes, you can’t just sit there, floating around, denying all help, praying for a miracle. Sometimes you need to hold on to anything that could save your life.

And no, I’m not a communist, neither am I saying that socialism is the way to happiness. But I believe that to some extend, we need to learn to accept help from normal people, and not wait on God to jump out of the clouds to save our butts once again.


8 thoughts on “I met a socialist and he was very nice.

  1. Yep. I was taught the same thing growing up! I myself am a democratic socialist, which is a sort of blend between socialism and capitalism. For me, socialism isn’t about control, it’s about people helping each other. It’s about putting people and their needs before money. So yes!

  2. There is the joke about the man in a flood, stuck on his roof. A boat comes along and tries to help. “No, God will save me” Then a helicoptor, the waters were rising fast…”No, God will save me” He drowns, goes to heaven and asks God why he didn’t save him. God says” Well, I sent the boat…….” lol.
    I am very much enjoying your insightful writing.

  3. I was also taught the same things about socialism, not necessarily from my family, but from the fundamentalist churches we were in. I think it’s just an excuse for their greed and wanting to grab all of their money for themselves.

    Libby Anne, I’d like to hear more about “democratic socialism” because it sounds like that is where I’m at but I’m not sure since I’ve never heard the term. I am not against some of the principles of capitalism like people owning their own stuff, and businesses bringing profit to the owners, but I’m also FOR socialized health care, for welfare programs, etc.

  4. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your link to mine. I must confess that I do give thanks to God for every little thing, including finding a notebook for one dollar. I don’t understand why that seems wrong to you. It seems correct to me since the Bible says to give thanks in ALL things.

  5. I went to a hippie university in northern California. My parents were moving me into my dorm and there was a knock at the door. It was a group selling subscriptions to socialist newspapers. We thought it was pretty amusing as my school (UC Santa Cruz) is kind of famous for these things.

  6. I know what you mean. Whenever I go back to the States I find that almost all my Christian relatives have that sort of attitude. Of course they think I’ve been brainwashed by the “liberal news media”. It doesn’t occur to them that they might have been brainwashed/manipulated.

    And they only have two categories of political/economic thought in their minds: republican/conservative (christian)/ capitalist OR liberal/ socialist/communist (they think they’re synonymous)/ worldly etc. They haven’t got space on their grid for my way of thinking which doesn’t fit neatly under any of those headings. To me, political/economic opinions needn’t come in packages. They can be completely disparate. And in my case they are. On some issues I lean to the right, on others to the left and on many I am in the centre. To me, choosing to support a political party is a bit like trying to decide which scriptures to ignore.

    One thing I’ve come across that contrasts with your experience though is the belief that the government should do all sorts of things for us. People get so annoyed by things like not having prayer in schools or ten commandments on walls of public buildings or state schools not teaching people creation instead of evolution. It seems bizarre to me. Jesus gave the responsibility for sharing Him to the church not the state.

    I do think religious education in all faiths leads to a more tolerant society but I have even been challenged on that point- told that kids should only learn about Christianity! As if the point would be to convert rather than inform. Yet again expecting the government to do what God expects the church to do.

    • Yes, the package-deal mindset is something I shared but now I vastly changed my mind about it. One may very well be a conservative christian and still believe in UHC. You can be a liberal and not believe in social welfare.
      Especially annoying is that those conservative christians seem to think that we (the pro-UHC peeps) are saying that our system is perfect. No, it’s not, hardly anything that involves millions of people is. But it’s fair and it’s the morally correct choice imo. Or another example: I, a firm believer in UHC and a social society, do not believe that welfare should include a “cigarette allowance”. I know some people who believe that welfare should include these things (also, recreational allowances and so on). But that doesn’t make me believe in capitalism to the point of not caring about the poor. There are, in fact, shades of grey (now, I did not mean to hint at that awful book! haha!). Really for many people there is only black and white thinking and that’s the real problem: “If it doesn’t fit into this tight corset, we reject it!”

      • It’s complex isn’t it. I disagree with abortion; not sure making it illegal is the best way forward though- more accessible contraceptives & education is proven to b effective in preventing unwanted pregancies & the spread of STDs. Also, I don’t regard the morning after pill as abortion.

        By UHC do you mean universal health care? I completely agree with it in concept but I also think that some forms of it are better than others.

        I favour a mixed economy- mostly free-market but some things ought to be government-run. I am also a big believer in the ideas of Mohammed Yunus. His ideas about micro-finance and social business have had a massive impact on poverty reduction (and a byproduct of empowering women) in developing countries. Where I particularly dislike liberal policies is when they are protectionist on trade. Free and fair trade is the only way forward. Europe is one of the worst, most unfair trading blocks in the world. And it is particularly unfair since Europe made much of it’s wealth through colonial exploitation of the countries they now seek to control through unfair trade agreements. It’s wrong.

        On the other hand, ome industries need much more government interference if they can’t be eliminated altogether like the sale of small arms- U.S. is the biggest exporter & it’s virtually unregulated. As someone who hates guns, I find that disturbing.

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