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Eric and Leslie vs the mess of the world


I really have to get this rant off my chest. Please note that I’m not attempting to judge the Ludys for who and what they really are, I don’t know them so I can’t say; but I do judge them for the picture they show to the community.

The Ludys. The perfect couple within the home school/courtship movement. While they teach fundamentalist values and views, they still seem so “normal”, so “perfect”, so… everything a girl could ever want.

I grew up with the Ludy’s books. I used to be a HUGE fan of them, all of them, especially Leslie’s books on beauty and femininity.

While most people consider Eric the bold one with the harsh sermons, I tend to disagree. Eric might be just as crazy as Leslie, but Leslie is the one with the most dangerous message.

Her “hobby” of sorts is to pick on other women, specifically women with children, who don’t do as awesome as she does. In pretty much every book I remember reading, she comes up with a story of how she met a married woman who ‘was shattering her childhood dreams of the perfect marriage and family’ (not an exact quote). For example a woman who looked very ‘messy’. We do not learn what “messy” means by Leslie’s standards. On all the pictures we see of Leslie, she is perfectly styled. Perfect hair, perfect make up (yes girls, sorry to shatter your dreams now, Leslie ALWAYS wears make up), perfect dress and style. Maybe she has a good sense for it, maybe she has a stylist. Either way, not everyone is that lucky to have one of those two, or even both. We learn about that messy woman that she looks tired, her hair looks tangled, and her clothes look kind of… well, messy. That might just be that this woman has a different type of hair that’s hard to control, that she doesn’t like make up and that she hasn’t as good of a sense for clothes as Leslie does. But rigid old Leslie’s comment stands there, on its little throne, judging every woman who can’t be the way she is for whatever reason. And of course, that’s one of Leslie’s secrets for the perfect marriage. Be like Leslie, and your husband will treat you like the queen you are. If you want to convince yourself, I beg you to read an article in the July/August 2011 issue of her online magazine (the newest one with the red cover). The article starts on page 86, it’s called “Mothering with dignity”. You can find her magazine at setapartgirl dot com. I refuse to link directly to her.

Another thing that she loves to pick on (see aforementioned article) is the houses of people. Leslie seems to be a very clean woman, because so far I haven’t read a word of praise in her books or magazines about other people’s houses. Nothing seems to meet her standard. She picks on the messiness of the house, the interior, the furniture, everything. And she doesn’t stop there – she seems to never get enough of telling people just how great she’s at decorating and how much better her family runs when everything is tidy, clean and beautifully decorated. Again, she shows that she simply has an eye for style, but that’s not what I’m criticizing. It’s the fact that she actually has the money to do as she pleases with her house. She has the space, the money to buy beautiful things, the style. Not everyone has that. But by her judgement, these people aren’t to be accepting, they are just a negative example for a christian family. They don’t live what christianity means. She never fails to put people down when they don’t meet her standard of living.

Growing up as a girl, I wanted to be like Leslie. Well styled in my pretty white picket fence home with my awesome “warrior-poet”. She seemed like everything she did was because of Christ, because that’s where her energy came from. And growing up in a house with 14 people, I also knew that something was wrong with us. We didn’t have the money to decorate much, or paint walls, or buy pretty beddings. My mom didn’t wear beautiful clothes and perfect make up. Home school wasn’t heaven on earth with peaceful children. Much of the opposite is true. I wondered why we weren’t like the Ludys. And I’m glad to tell everybody that I now know why we never were like them: Because the Ludys, especially Leslie, is so obsessed with the picture she’ll see of herself in the christian community. She obsesses over details nobody would blame her for. She has a natural gift for style and beauty, and that’s fine, but she uses it against people who don’t have it. She puts everyone down who doesn’t reach her standard for a “christian” wife and mother.

Leslie’s standards are far beyond what is possible for a family with 6 plus kids. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but Leslie has only four kids. I have raised more than that before I was 18. If I had only four, my house might never be messy as well. I might have the time to style myself as well. But not everyone is made for that and I firmly believe there are people who are pushed to their limits by one or two kids. That’s fine too, until the Leslies of this world come along and judge everything you thought was ok in your life into oblivion.

At the end of the day, Leslie is nothing but a overperfectionist woman, something that reminds me of a OCD, with which she tortures everyone who can’t be like her. And I despise her for telling growing girls that they have to be just what she is up to a point where girl entirely lose themselves in the process. Where nothing but a mechanical shell is left, trying to achieve a standard set by her highness and goddess Leslie, and not by Jesus. Legalist anybody?


24 thoughts on “Eric and Leslie vs the mess of the world

  1. Oh my goodness i could NOT agree more! She manages to make anyone and everyone feel bad about themselves. The type of perfection she talks about just does not exsist. With or without the power of christ.

  2. Hmm. Might Leslie suffer from OCD? Just saying…

    And for the record, I’m a pretty great wife and mommy,… under yesterday’s makeup and the inevitable baby puke and food stains (and lke Leslie, I too only have 4 kidds). Yep, one hot mama, and my hubby knows it, too. I know he’s in the mood when he smiles and asks, “So, you planning to take a shower tonight?” Maybe I will write a book on mastering the art of wearing food and dirt stylishly and probably sell more copies than Leslie”s book, ’cause that’s just the reality of motherhood sometimes:-).

    I’m glad you’re over the perfect image. Better to enjoy the life God has given you than to fret over the minute details!

    • Haha yes, kids are messy, no matter how many you have. That’s just how they are. And I do think you can be very sexy and sensual without fresh make up and perfect hair. That’s normal and healthy behaviour imo. Plus, from what I’ve been hearing, most men don’t care about stains on clothes… in fact, I was told once that a man prefered his wife in messy dirty clothes cause that gave him an excuse to tell her “You can’t come to bed in these dirty clothes. Take them off asap!” I laughed pretty hard at that.

      Plus, a bit of a mess hasn’t hurt any of my siblings. I remember a pancake scene… my small sister, I think she was about 3 or 4 years when that happened, and I had pancakes, and we ate them out in the garden. I was supposed to watch her. While I took a tasty bite of pancake and enjoyed chewing it, in that fraction of seconds, she managed to drop hers in the garden dirt, pick it up again and stuff it in her mouth. I blurted out for her to spit it out, so she swallowed it as quickly as she could, smiled and said “Why, it’s still good, wasn’t THAT dirty!”. She grew up to be a healthy young girl so I suppose it wasn’t that bad haha.

  3. I have read several of Leslie’s books and while I believe she probably is very sincere, some of what she has written in her books and on her site seems problematic to me too. You simply cannot force everyone into the same mold. God made all of us unique, with different circumstances and temperaments.

    • I agree. As I said, It’s great that she has a very good sense of style for example. Just look at the pictures of her house – it looks amazing, like a professional had done the work, and I believe her when she said it was her idea. But not everyone has the ability to see things the way she said it. Some women (and men!) don’t care about perfect hair and make up. Some don’t mind if the bedding doesn’t fit the wall color. It’s great hers do, but she shouldn’t go around judging people when they have different abilities and a different focus in life.

  4. So basically, she’s Martha Stewart with a Bible? Martha annoys me, so this chick probably would, too. Also, if she’s so quick to point out everyone else’s flaws, and her own perfection, my observation, speaking from a purely critical standpoint, is that she’s probably in complete charge of her family, and her husband quivers when she gives orders. Again, I don’t know of these people, but I do know the type. They’re in most every Baptist church in the country that I’ve preached at! I avoid them. Lol

    • Martha Stewart with a bible is pretty accurate. Though while she’s not as obsessed with cooking and baking, she prefers make up, dress and homestyling. Nothing against Leslie personally, just saying, just cause she got it down, doesn’t mean it’s a christian duty to be like her.

      • Ok, so you got my curiosity up, and I went to her web site, which linked to their training school. Something about it just seems so wrong on so many levels, and I’m afraid i can’t articulate it fully, but it has been my experience that any time somebody comes up with an attitude like, “do it like I do it, and it will always be successful”, it’s very cult-like and dangerous. I think these people mean well, but they scare me on so many levels!

        • Ahhh yes, Ellerslie (sp?), yet another place where you can send those rebellious, doubtful young people so they finally meet Christ and find their way back into the movement.
          I agree, I honestly do believe that Leslie and her husband don’t actively want to hurt anybody, and all they want is other people’s wellbeing. But they are so blinded by the ideas they have that they don’t see that there’s people hurting because of them. Can you imagine how many young girls read their books and wish they could be like her? Who use her standards on themselves, just to see themselves failing over and over.
          It is definately hard on the ones who believe Leslie’s idea that true beauty comes from Christ. I have seen them struggle with the fact that they still were made fun of for how they looked, which obviously isn’t ok, but those girls wonder why Christ doesn’t make them as radiantly beautifull as Leslie promises.

  5. The pancake story cracks me up. Such a typical event in a “normal” family with kids. My kiddos ate things that are NOT food. I think Poison Control knows my voice, I’ve called so many times. Just last week I breathed a sigh of relief when that plum pit showed up in the 2-year-old’s diaper so we didn’t have to take him to the Dr. LOL!

    Ok, I know I am new here and tend to leave comments that are WAY too long, but just had to add something. I too went to Leslie’s setapartgirl website. I am not a critical person by nature, but the posts I read seemed so self-congratulatory . Also, I had to laugh that she knew SO much, yet her oldest child is so young. Girl, you don’t know ANYTHING yet! It put me in mind of how much my hubby and I thought we knew about raising children and the perfect marriage before we had kids and a few more years under our belts (boy, how we have been humbled and edumu-cated :-)). And we still have much to learn.

    Something else to consider, which you definitely pointed out in your post, is that Leslie’s methods are not “perfect” for every individual family. Earlier on in my marriage, when I only had one child, I used to spend my time doing things like vacuuming every day, knitting homemade sweaters for my baby, keeping my ceiling fans spotless, and other totally crazy time-wasters. But as time went on I had a revelation. While I told myself that I was doing these things to self-sacrificially serve my family, that standard of clean and perfection actually was for ME. It made me feel good about my home and I loved the comments people made about all of the wonderful things I sewed, knitted and spotlessly cleaned. “What a perfect wife!”

    While my hubby appreciates a certain level of clean and nice atmosphere in the house (like he enjoys having at least one clean pair of undies), he really wouldn’t even notice spotless light fixtures and an over-cleaned carpet. He just wants to have a happy wife who is not so exhausted from being the cleaning martyr and kitchen drudge that she actually likes to spend time with him and laugh. My kids wouldn’t care if I dressed them exclusively from the Goodwill (which is what I mostly do now). They would rather have a mommy who makes finger paint messes with them, takes them to the park and LISTENS to them rather than ignoring them so I can knit another stupid sweater that all the other babies will laugh at anyway. All of the time and energy I was spending was for ME, though I had self-righteously convinced myself it was for THEM. Nowadays, if I have some moments of precious me-time, someone please slap me if I spend it knitting or scrubbing instead of slurping down a 4 dollar latte at Star Buicks with a good book or a good friend!

    Sorry this is so long-winded and rambling. I just think that perhaps Leslie has found the right fit for HER family (not mine or anyone else’s), OR her priorities are all wrong and she is mistaking that which pleases herself for that which serves and pleases her family. She is very young and has a young family. Perhaps some maturity and experience will humble her and give her some wisdom and perspective on her “perfection.” The biblical model of womanhood is a beautiful guideline, and there is freedom within the guideline, but it can be polluted by man-made rules and standards.

  6. I know this is an older post, but I have to reply anyhow.

    I share your sentiments about Leslie Ludy’s approach to “guiding” women, especially mothers, into perfection and dignity through her own highly glorified life example. After reading the articles you referenced, in particular, I felt judged and glad the woman isn’t my neighbor.

    I have one– yes, ONE– child, and at the end of the day, my house often looks like a warzone and I look like I’ve been on the frontlines! But darn it, I am HAPPY! I scrub my sink full of dishes and scrape food off the floor, trip over toys in search of my kitchen utensils, and count my blessings! One of the greatest being my precious son, who is the happiest kid on the planet. We make messes and have a good old time doing it. Part of that happiness lies in me suspending the housecleaning so we can spend time together. The dishes will be there LATER. Do I value a clean house? Certainly! Is it more important than teaching (I am a teacher by education), playing with and bonding with my baby? Certainly NOT. I’d rather he remember the times we spent together instead of how many hours I spent cleaning our home.

    I sometimes look in the mirror before bed and am horrified that my husband has been home for hours, has hugged and kissed all over me, assured my son of what a wonderful mother I am, and hasn’t ONCE made mention of my disheveled appearance. WHY? Because he doesn’t care!!!! He loves me, no matter what I look like!!! The thought of getting up every day and putting on makeup, fixing my hair, getting all dolled up, JUST TO SPEND THE DAY CHASING A 3-yr-old, makes me laugh OUT LOUD. I do not think for one single minute that God is judging my worth based on how I look. On the contrary, the Bible assures me that God looks at the heart, not at the outward appearance. (1 Sam. 16:7) Furthermore, a man who expects physical, outward perfection needs to get a reality check. Do I want to look beautiful for my husband? Absolutely. And when we go on dates or to church or out and about, I do my best to look decent. But for the day-to-day, sweats and even pajamas are the attire. I’m not about to create for myself a unnecessary load of laundry.

    To be told that I have no personal dignity because this is how I live my life…OUT OF LINE.

    It’s judgmentalism at it’s height.

    Just my opinion, but Mrs. Ludy would do well to put in some study time on personality types and temperaments so she doesn’t continue to try and cram every woman alive into her perfect mold and leave them feeling like complete failures. Like you said, she has a natural ability to decorate a home, and apparently values appearances a great deal. Some of us just aren’t wired that way, thank God.

    And I have to add this. Leslie Ludy has SEVERAL nannies (you won’t hear much about them). Please just trust that I know this, as well as the following, to be FACT. Indisputable fact. Leslie Ludy DOES NOT cook. She DOES NOT do laundry. She RARELY bathes or clothes or puts her children to bed or gets them out the door without help. She DOES NOT grocery shop, or CLEAN HER HOUSE. Yes, I said that. She DOES NOT CLEAN HER HOUSE. 99% of what Leslie Ludy admonishes other women to do she DOES NOT do herself. It’s real easy to tell other women to pull it the heck together when you have paid help pulling it the heck together for you.

    Nothing wrong with housekeepers or nannies– don’t misunderstand me. But don’t tell me I am void of dignity when I look a mess because I take care of my own home and child, and you look like perfection and have a slew of helpers doing your dirty work. There is nothing else I can call this but hypocrisy.

    • I have NEVER heard a word about the Ludys having a nanny?! But it makes sense considering that they seem to travel a lot and work a lot too, even if it’s from home. You can’t write books in between cleaning and playing with kids. That’s crazy! I’ll have to check that out myself! You got me all curious now!

      As for the rest of your post, yes, yes and yes. It’s perfectly fine to have a messy house even with one child! It’s fine to have no children, two or 10 as long as you don’t put others down who don’t do it the way you do. Judging from your comment you’re a great fun mom and an amazing wife, the type of mom you remember when you’re old and say “…and then we ended up making a huge mess, laughing and spending the day together.”. Keep going with your attitude of ignoring people who tell you how to handle things when you’re already handling so great. Thanks for your comment!

  7. I have personally known Leslie for many years. I have also know Eric before I met her since I was in YWAM with Eric before he and she got married. I think some of these comments are unfair to Leslie.
    You are correct that Leslie and Eric both come from upper middle class backgrounds. Their dads were both corporate executives.

    They both really do come from families where the homes are nicely decorated, clean. That is exactly how they were raised. It is what they know. They are extremely hardworking people who are doing what they feel is their calling to do.

    Their families are all really nice Christians who are in no way the legalistic people. (They wear shorts! Eric’s family is Presbyterian! I know because I was there for many years…) They are just like any of the rest of us who try to serve Jesus and live the day-to-day.

    in the 1990’s when they first began to share their testimony before youth groups and churches and I was working for Eric’s dad, I was always floored with the negative comments that Leslie would receive. If she wore jeans to a speaking function for youth, Eric would receive a complaint about it from a parent that she should have worn a dress. When she wore a dress at another speaking engagement, she was accused of being too legalistic by a youth pastor because she wasn’t wearing pants. When they traveled to Australia for a speaking tour, her teeth were criticized for being “too white”. Someone actually came up and asked her if her teeth were real since they seemed so straight!

    If she sat in a chair on stage, the feedback was that she should stand. If she stood, feedback would reach us that she should have sat in a chair. During those years, she had a lot of unfairness heaped on her for her appearance, her shyness. There was always something that someone would find to criticize.

    Come on people… She no more chose the family she was born into than you did. I am sorry that some of you were born in patriarchial families. That was not your fault, but Jesus is good in that he enabled you to escape from that false teaching. Leslie and Eric just happened to be born into mainstream Christian homes, went to public school, and in their teen years decided to see what could happen if they left their choice of spouse up to God’s leading. They each did this on their own after being burned by the dating environments in their public schools.

    They don’t judge people for not growing up like they did. I know that for I fact because they never judged me, and I am the very opposite of Leslie. I am not photogenic at all, have one leg longer than the other one, and glasses with really thick lenses. I did not grow up in as wealthy a family.

    Please don’t judge because, if you had a chance to get know her, you would know she is a caring, lovely person. She does not “have a dangerous message.” She is a real person, and for those of you who consider yourselves Christians, she is your sister in Christ.

  8. Just ran across this post. One thing that L Ludy wrote that was terribly troubling to me, as a Christian, was her image of Jesus leaving a hungering, longing soul behind, because it was littered with “garbage bags”. Jesus, she intimated, will walk away from you if you do not live a pristine life. What a heretical and evil picture to give young women. Jesus will thrust the bags aside, and never leave the truly penitent. The Ludy’s teach a work-based ‘salvation’ that is very damaging and heretical. Keep your young folk away from these sorts.

  9. I for one am truly blessed by a lot of Leslie’s messages. We need more people in the Chrisitan community who actually stand up for their convictions and speak the TRUTH! Going around slandering others isn’t what Christ has called us to do. Focus your energy on something that’s actually of value and worth—that will build others up and not tear down. The enemy loves to see us Christians divided and it’s a shame.

  10. I am not a fan, because of their lack of understanding about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which does indeed mislead God’s dear ones. But I do think the author of this article sounds hurt and now bitter. We all stumble others in “our” attempts at this new life in Christ, as we are working out our own salvation still in this flesh and a heart that is deceptive above all things. I want to pray for Leslie, we should care about her, perhaps misguided teaching/reaction to what she had experienced. All sin is common to man, we all make bad judgements, we are sinners, suffers and saints in need of grace. If we believe that the Spirit of God is at work at all times then He is at work in her and us at all times and that is not dependent on us. His being present is not dependent on us, likewise His love is not dependent on us. Our love for her is a work that Christ alone does in our hearts and a reflection of our love for Him. Lets reflect love and mercy toward Leslie, you were misled by your own desires that were other then for Christ. Unloving and unmerciful are on the reads worthy of death, worse then judgements about clean houses. Forgive her, her weakness as you would have her forgive yours. Love her and pray for her, God changes hearts, I am praying for you dear author, be free in Christ. Usually we are judging, when pointing a finger at a judger. Pursue Love 1Cor. 13 style.

  11. “I was blind, but now I see!” I praise God for the ministry of Eric and Leslie Ludy and the Ellerslie Mission Society in Windsor, Colorado.

  12. I was just looking over the web for info about Purity. I just recently watched one of Leslie’s youtube videos about it. I have been trying to fix my flaws and commit my life to Christ. The video I watched was a real blessing that I wanted to watch another. I read this post to be surprised! Leslie Ludy may not be anything perfect. But the fact that she tries and feels that she succeeded is what the Bible wants us to do. We repent of our sins, but know that we will still sin. We have to try! Once we feel the glory of God we should share with people. The Bible says to preach among all nations. If she didn’t share what worked for her, then some people may not have been saved.
    I am a child of 9 children all with the same mom (and dad for the most part). We are definitely not rich or sometimes even middle class, but my mom wants us all to be strong Bible-believing Christians. She came from what she calls a “Hippy” home. She had a worse life than she does now. My mother shares with us what she did growing up and all of her mistakes. But now she tells us what we should and shouldn’t do. She is definitely far from perfect. She offends me from little things she says. But overall, she is the best mother I could have prayed for.
    Leslie seems to be doing to you exactly what my mom does to me and my siblings, except we tell our mother her faults or when she has offended us. Otherwise, we hold grudges which I see here. If you have a big problem with Leslie Ludy I recommend that you try to contact her somehow so you can tell her how you feel. Honestly, how do you think Leslie would feel if she saw this post. How would you feel if someone wrote this about you? I would be offended. Maybe you should just pray for Leslie instead of criticizing her.
    (Just so you know I am not on any side, I don’t know Leslie and I don’t know you. It is just that my younger sister was cyberbullied and she did the same thing back. This seems like the same conversation, but much shorter and with half the view. )
    {Maybe green leaves can give you info to Leslie.} Love your enemies.
    God Bless You!

    • In general, I’m not oppossed to any sort of sharing knowledge with others. I understand it might have come across as such, but I really don’t have a problem when people share their beliefs, political, social, religious, or otherwise.
      I am very sorry your sister was bullied. While bullying isn’t a new problem, the cyber dimension certain has contributed to take it to a new level and cause the bullying to continue (in online-saved formed) for years after the incidents. I hope your sister was able to get distance between herself and those trying to harm her!
      As for my post being a form thereof:
      I understand that criticism can be something very hurtful for some people. I did not intend to call Leslie or her husband any names, or hurt them personally in any way. This is about their public selves. These public selves are constructed via books, speeches and an online magazine. The books I read years ago, the magazine I continue to read today. Leslie herself does not fear to share stories of people in her life who, as she puts it, fail to realize “God’s will”. This is exactly my problem with her, because her writing lack every form of empathy towards those who live a different lifestyle (for any reason). I find it problematic that she doesn’t hesitate to call out women for what she considers “messy clothes” and “messy houses”. The major problem here is twofold: Firstly, she does not specify in exact words what is permissable by her standards and what is not (do I have to wear make up? She often refers to “baggy clothes”, but what are these baggy clothes exactly?), and secondly, she claims that these standards must be met as to serve God. I find that this is blasphemous and cultlike – not that I care what she does or doesn’t consider a “Godly standard” for herself – and it potentially hurts those who try to live up to these standards. I guess the end of the story is that I think her teachings are not in line with the biblical inerracy she proclaims, because if the Bible really contained everything we needed for our lives, we don’t need Leslie’s writings to begin with. The fact that she nevertheless publishes means that she adds to the Bible in many ways and creates obstacles for those who genuinely believe in biblical teachings. But I digress, I suppose.
      Other than that, I have been critized in many ways before and the beliefs I adress in my posts have been torn apart by others. This is ok for me, because for the most part these posts were aimed at the opinions I post on this blog. I put them here for public scrutiny (as Leslie does with her opinions) and I kind of expect others to critize me. That’s perfectly fine and nothing like cyberbullying. I respect every opinion on my writings and those of others.
      Don’t get me wrong – if you personally feel better after you read something, no matter who wrote it, that’s great! If it helped you, it served a good purpose. I shared my personal experiences with these teachings, which do not seem to match yours. That’s fine, to each their own, right?
      Anyway, I hope my novel-comment did not bore you to death. Thank you for your honest opinion and thoughts!

  13. As a former Ellerslie extended student and now seminary student, I have been able to ride along with Eric, Leslie and their “circle” for times of visiting and also through talking one on one. It is true, they came from an upper middle class family and they have a very lovely home.

    Eric, to be brief, is full of himself. I came to Ellerslie with a very high view of the Ludys, loving their books, hearing them speak, having many conferences under my belt where they were keynotes. Three weeks into the program, it became obvious Eric was arrogant to a subtle yet noticeable and irksome degree. If you look at his biography on his website, you may catch a hint of what I’m talking about.

    Leslie is sweet, very warm, and is a pretty wife. She loves Eric a lot and he loves her right back. They are a couple that is still very much in love and it shows. I praise them for this, their marriage is strong. It appears they practice everything they preach in this area.

    However, as I observed her interactions with people in and outside of Ellerslie, she was entitled and always keeping her eyes open for negatives to critique. For preaching misssions (good) and sacrifice (good in most ways), she had the attitude of “This person is lacking (something) due to unsurrender in the person’s life.” Are these her ideas about poverty? Or just about spiritual deficits?This attitude rubbed off on MANY of the girls around campus, without really realizing it. Whenever we were out and about in coffee shops or service projects, there would a girl dressed in a decent, classy yet not exactly “set apart” feminine way, and someone would have to make an example of how she must not be saved, and if she were, she must have some sin in her life we need to pray that she would be open to ridding of so Jesus could love her more and make her set apart and surrendered for him. I’m serious, it’s not an oversimplification, this formula was applied to personal issues, others around us, and world problems. There were discussions of what kinds of blessings and how much Jesus’ love could go with someone had an “unsurrendered” heart or was “not aware” of this “special” kind of “set apart” Christianity.

    I felt my time at Ellerslie was beneficial in that I recognized false teachings easier as they attempted to bore into me their false “surrender” doctrine and 2 kinds of Christians. Certain discussions were just NOT had as they could cause disunity. Allegiance to “the cause” was important, which I agree it was, for sanity and unity’s sake, but at the heart level, much was left untouched.

    My expected growth was entirely external and works based. There were students who prayed loudly and groaned at night, and they were looked upon with awe. Eric and Leslie are held in very high regard among most students (not all), comparison-wise, it reminded me of my new age friend speaking of his guru in Pakistan. It came down to how we look, how we dress, how we do relationships, how we spend our money. Behind the mask of the pretty words, it’s reinstating the OT Law in a modern way, and no different than legalism with “grace” still in the vocabulary, but not in every day practice.

    While I wouldn’t call it a cult, as salvation (justification) is spot on, sanctification and growth have a long way to go as far as theology and correct interpretation of God’s word goes.

    I am thankful for the small good the Ludys have done for me, I did meet my wife through Ellerslie and she had many of the same concerns I had and was unable to address these issues without much criticism and admonition to respect what was being bored into her.

    Would I recommend Ellerslie? It may be for you. Some of the experiences and memories I have from there are wonderful but I wouldn’t do it again. It was helpful in a season of my life where I needed to leave a world of do’s and don’ts, Ellerslie put that into sharp focus as the do’s and don’ts were clear and I became dissatisfied. I am thankful for God’s direction in my life.

  14. Hello, all. 🙂 As an Ellerslie Alumni, but more importantly, a Christian, I have one particular thought:

    Please, be very cautious in painting anyone [Ellerslie and staff aside, as this is a much larger issue] as cruel, perfectionist, cultish, and scripture-twisting. I heard this from a young man who was raised on the mission field: [Paraphrased] “When Christians disagree, it is of critical importance that we remember just who it is that we’re fighting. We’re fighting our *brethren*,” he said, giving a gentle smile. “And when I wrestle around with my brothers, I know all the while that I’d rather die than cause them any harm.”

    So, please, do be careful. Keep Jesus and His glory as the goal, and Ephesians 2:1-22 in mind.

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