Broken Daughters

Picking up the shattered glass of fundamentalism

Further reading on betrothal

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I have received many comments on my last post in which I made a short mention of betrothal. It seems many have not heard about this form of relationship yet and I don’t feel like I can answer all the questions since it wasn’t practiced in my group, but I gathered some links and articles for the ones who are interested in it.

As for the many questions, betrothal is still very rare in fundamentalist christianity, but it’s not an exception among the messianic jewish (or old testament christians, whatever you want to call them). These groups are very close-knit to the fundamentalist christians and I know of many fundamentalist christians who have decided to follow the OT law. We had several families in our circle of friends who didn’t eat pork and wore tzitzit. It’s not that uncommon among fundamentalists anymore. (Short mention of a betrothal right at the beginning of the article) (A short story of a betrothed couple. Note the fact that they entered their relationship with vows which are considered unbreakable) (Another article, betrothal is talked about especially at the end of the article.) (Older article dealing with the differences) (Video of an actual betrothal ceremony – I don’t know whether the rituals shows are typical or not) (Trailer for a documentary about Betrothal – I haven’t seen the movie yet as I can’t get my hands on it, but I would be interested if any of you guys have it where you got it!) (An interesting interview with fundamentalist christians talking about betrothal)


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