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Trips and riddles


What a stressful time! I have been working a lot lately. And my friends and me planned a short city trip as well! We’re leaving tomorrow morning and I’m so excited! I hope you all understand that I don’t think I’ll be checking my blog, so don’t be upset if I don’t answer messages, comments or emails… You’re free to leave them, though, and I’ll answer as soon as I’m back!

So here’s to all my Geography-Nerd-Friends (and the ones curious about it): Which city am I going to? The picture below shows one of the city’s most important places.

Need more information? Look below the picture!

1. The name of the palace on the picture starts with a B.

2. There is another, far more popular ‘thing’ in this city. I didn’t post a picture because then it would be pretty obvious. You can usually find this ‘thing’ at amusement parks and fairs.

3. This city is the capital of a country. The country used to be much bigger, but today it is divided into two nations. Part of the name of the capital of its sister nation sounds a bit like the name of the bacteria responsible  for the Black Death of the medieval times.

4. The city is famous for a special type of coffee as well as a special type of chocolate cake.

5. A world-famous personality studied and worked there around the 1900’s. You will certainly know his name (but have a hard time guessing it now!). If you add an ‘e’ to his last name and translate it into english, it will mean ‘joy’. And vice versa, if you translated ‘joy’ into the language of this country, you will certainly recognize his name within the word!

Know the answer? Know the answers to ALL questions?! Leave a comment! (No, there’s no prize other than you can feel really proud for figuring out! Of course, I’ll tell you where I was once I get back hehe)

4 thoughts on “Trips and riddles

  1. You’re going to Vienna! I’m so jealous!

  2. Belvedere, Vienna!!

  3. Vienna 🙂 Austria – have fun!

  4. Vienna, Austria -and the Palace is the Bellevue. I hope you liked it there. I love Vienna and look forward to go there again in spring – my goddaughter is studying there (and I do envy her). 😉

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