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Back from…


Well well well, I was hoping that my little riddle was too hard for anyone to crack, but obviously, plenty of you found out haha! And you all were right, I went to… Vienna!

I had an amazing time! We were incredibly lucky to have pleasantly warm but not hot weather. Our program for the week was VERY tight. We pretty much walked all day and traveled from one place to another constantly, and yet we didn’t manage to see all the things we planned to see. We did, however, make room for some surprises! Unfortunately, I forgot to recharge my camera in advance so I didn’t take pictures on the first day 😦 But I have way too many to show anyway.

Here are a few pictures I took and some commenting on them. I WILL write a more detailed report tomorrow or on monday since I don’t have much time today – working again!

The first picture I took of Castle Schönbrunn (or Schoenbrunn in case you don’t have the real letter). It’s where the Emperess of Austria and Hungary, Elisabeth, spent her summers. It is HUGE in reality, I don’t think the pictures can really show just how spacious it looks and how gigantic the park area is!

Right on the opposite side of the park (opposite to the castle), there’s this beautiful amazing fountain. The statues are way oversized, they aren’t life size but about 5 times bigger than a real human. It was stunning to just stand there and stare! The detail on everything was mind blowing. You could literally stare for a long time and still see new things.

The following picture shows the museum of history of art. It’s located at the Maria-Theresienplatz (“Maria-Theresa-square”). There was a doublicate of this building on the opposite site of the square as well, but the lighting made the pictures I took of the other building look dark and dirty.

Next one: The fountain in front of the partliament (Austrian partliament, that is). The partliament is a huge building and I didn’t manage to take pictures of everything. I already took about 20 and figured that had to be enough! The partliament actually meets in this building.

Hotel Sacher: This is where the Sacher-cake, the actual one, was invented. They hold the trademark too, so they are the only ones allowed to sell “Original Sacher cake”. I didn’t end up buying a cake from there. A tiny one of the size of two servings was almost 20 Euros ($25). Prices went up to 75 Euros (that’s like $85-90!!!) for a normal sizes cake. The picture of the cake is not my own as I found it strange to walk in and take pictures of the cakes without buying one, but I added it so you can see what the cakes look like.


4 thoughts on “Back from…

  1. Hi, I’m new to your blog. I found you via a number of anti-patriachal blogs. I’m a homeschooling mother of 6 and I read blogs like yours almost as a manual of what “not to do” when raising a family. (Not you of course, I’m talking about your parents).

    Anyway, I just had to comment as your photos brought back some wonderful memories. I took my second daughter on a trip to England and Austria last year. We loved Vienna and did visit Hotel Sacher and had one of their cakes (did I really pay that much?!!) Visiting the Schoenbrunn Palace was a major highlight for the 2 of us. We also visited Salzburg as my daughter (then aged 11) was desperate to go on “The Sound of Music” tour. My hero husband stayed at home for 3 weeks looking after the other children (Two years previously, I had taken my first daughter to England and France while he again held the fort). Travelling has always been a passion of mine and we travel together as a family regularly. I’m really fortunate to be married to someone who wants me to do things I’m passionate about. I look forward to seeing more Austrian photos – what a beautiful country.

    • Oh I wanted to see Salzburg but time didn’t allow it. I hear it’s amazing, very medival and historic. I have been to France before, too! Though it was only for like two hours. We went on a short weekend trip in spring this year to visit friends who live and study in a city right at the French border. For breakfast, we actually grabbed some bikes and rode for 20 minutes, over the border, simply to have breakfast in France. I was laughing so hard the entire time because it just seemed unreal to do that. I was told a lot of people who live there do that to have french food really quick. But I still want to “really” visit France and see Paris!
      You’re incredibly lucky to have a family like that and I’m 100% sure your daughters deeply appriciate that. I can really imagine that they would sit together with their grandchildren one day and tell them about how amazing it was to spent time in all those countries with their mom. I hope that one day when I have kids, I’ll have the opportunity to travel with them as well.

  2. What beautiful photos !! Thank you so much for sharing them with us !!!

  3. I think you didn’t miss much but not buying Sacher Torte. My mother worked for years in a company where her department got an entire Sacher Torte every Christmas. And every Christmas the entire department was almost battling about who had to take the Sacher Torte because no one really liked it. In the end it was mostly my mother taking it because she didn’t like to waste something like that. However, at home no one was really happy about the cake. I always found it much too dry and boring. The only way I liked it was when I could put it in same cacao.
    I actually always wonder: There are so many great cakes in Vienna and the bakers there are really good. Why do people like just Sacher torte this much? I’ll never understand it, I’m afraid.

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