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Tales from Vienna Part 2!


Ahhh, Vienna nightlife! Some of you might know that I work at a cafe. In Europe, cafes also serve all kinds of alcoholic drinks and cocktails (well at least most of them do) and they stay open until 1 or 2 AM depending on the number of guests. During the day, it’s coffee business with cakes and at night, it’s a club-like place. I have worked nightshifts before, and I learned a lot about the nightlife in my area, though I haven’t even visited all of the places to go! The guests tell a lot of stories and sometimes people ask for tips where to go next, so you actually need to know what to do. I was excited to actually see real nightlife in a big city and how things are done there!

And for everyone who wants to go to Vienna and actually go out, I can tell you, it’s awesome and absolutely worth it! The city is incredibly crowed even at night. In America it’s sometimes surprising how empty even big cities can be at night. There are 4 main quarters to visit for nightlife. I visited “only” 3 on 3 different days. The quarters of the city are really big and crowded, so don’t plan more than 1 for an evening.

The first night we did a tour of a more calm area with lots of cafes and live music clubs. The night was pleasant and warm so we were able to sit outside, watch traffic and enjoy the night sky. We drank a glass of white wine at a really fancy looking cafe, but it wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be. Unfortunately this was also a day where my camera didn’t work, hence I have no photos of that 😦

The second night, we visited the Donauinsel (Donau = the river through Vienna; insel = island). This, I can tell you, is worth a visit even if you’re not into nightlife. On both sides of the river there’s small bars, restaurants and fast food eating spots, looking like caribean bars. A large bridge across the river connects both sides. It’s colorful, loud and fun, the lighting is beautiful and if one place is too pricy for your taste, there’s 20 cheaper ones within a 5 minute walking distance. I took tons of photos and picked out some for you! (Pictures below: 1. Looking down a small part of the bar beach; 2. The bridge connecting both sides of the river; 3. View from the other side of the river back on the first half of the beach bars; 4. Beautiful feeling at night. Yes, I know it’s blurry, I took this picture walking and the camera didn’T stabilize my movements)



On the third night we went to a quarter commonly refered to as the “Bermuda Triangle”. I didn’t take photos there, partially because I forgot, partially because I was afraid to open my purse in the huge mass of people, partially because in some places, photographing wasn’t allowed (inside the bars and their outsides too sometimes). I can tell you, this is really worth visiting if you’re a party animal of sorts. They give out a free drink in every other bar or cafe. The drinks are generally very cheap. Everything 1 Euro, 2 Euros, expensive places 3 Euros, for all kinds of drinks, including nonalcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails. I had a soft alcoholic cocktail right at the beginning of the night but then stuck to nonalcoholic cocktails. I love juices, so this was perfect for me.

Nowhere have we seen any sort of trouble like bar fights and such. People were really friendly and civilized. We also didn’t see anyone really drunk, throwing up or something. It was fun, relaxing and we felt very safe. Nowhere did we feel threatened and even off the main streets on the way to the subways did we see any “gangs” of sort or people who looked shady. Also, the streets are well lit even at night, so you can’t get lost and you always feel like somebody could see you if something bad happened. The streets were still full of cars, even at 1 AM, so there would always be somebody watching or able to help you. Also, policemen were patrioulling the crowded streets, really friendly people.

2 thoughts on “Tales from Vienna Part 2!

  1. Love all the holes you’re poking in the lies we were taught about the evils of the world and the hedonism of the masses! Isn’t it wonderful to learn that other people are just people?

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’m glad.

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