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The girl I am.

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I get a lot of comments, emails and messages on facebook about the way I come across on this blog. I’m not saying that those estimations are wrong but I feel like there’s a huge part of me missing in those descriptions. A comment that really shocks me is “you speak very humbly and way beyond your years”. That’s a great thing to hear! But at the same time, it intimidates me. Am I really? In daily life, I’m among the dorkiest people I know. I say REAL stupid things. I giggle in all the wrong moments. Hence I decided to come up with a selection of that other “part” of me. Yeah I might say some “deep” things, but I’m still young and naive and whatnot. so here it goes:

My favourite sentence is “OH REALLY?!”. It usually comes with a strange wiggle of eyebrows whenever somebody around me critices themselves. “I look fat in this dress!” – “OH REALLY?! *wiggle* No, you don’t. *cough*”

If I was a cat…. man, I wish I was a cat!

I make funny noises just for the sake of it. I love to see just how weird the noises can get before somebody stares at you.

I sing ALL THE TIME. That’s something I shouldn’t do cause I couldn’t sing to save my life. A lot of times I dance too.

I read like crazy. I always have at least one book in my purse and I read it whenever I have more seconds on my hand than it takes to open the book up.

Whenever I finished a book, I feel like discussing the things I read. However, most of the time none of my friends read the book, which basically makes the discussion a one-woman thing.

I’m addicted to nail polish. I tend to buy the real cheap ones for like $1 (aka euro) each and I end up wearing it once.

When I go shopping with my friends and I see just anything I really really like I tend to say “LOOK AT THAT!” much louder than socially acceptable.

I absolutely hate bikes and people on bikes. I curse my tongue out whenever one annoys me.

I keep telling people who “I hate fast food” and “almost never eat it”. Funny enough, it’s just Tuesday and I’ve been to Mac Donalds and Burger King once this week.

I’m obsessed with fairy tales and get very angry when people consider them to be for kids only. They are NOT for kids, they were NOT written for kids, and grown ups may very well read them too!

I forget a lot. Like, a lot. Few days ago, Daniel was going to cook for us. I asked him what he was going to make and he told me (Noodles with a creamy vegetable gravy type of sauce and chicken breast, he’s a great cook!). 15 minutes later, I asked him again. He told me again and pointed out that I had already asked him, which of course I denied. Another 15 minutes later, I came back into the kitchen and said “Oh, what are you making again?”. He gave me a look and said “…are you serious?”. I giggled and said “…Noodles?”. I only knew that because they were already in the pot.

I absolutely have to pet every single cat I see. I sometimes hiss at dogs.

“OH GOSH IT’S PINK!” is what I say whenever I try to dress in something pink. I never wear it.

I have a very weird obsession with animal-shaped earings. In fall I bought a pair of earings with bull’s heads on them, which all of my friends called ugly as hell. I wear them with pride!

“If the ship’s sinking, we should at least sink with style” is one of my favourite things to say when I feel completely overdressed or when I’m spending too much money on something (food, clothes, whatever).

I can’t lie at all. When I’m caught, I usually start to smile. It’s very easy to bust me.

I’m out of ideas for now and I bet my next post will be something very depressing or along the lines of struggling with myself, but please remember that you don’t have to worry about me being depressive or sick.

My blog is my playground, the area where I can tell my darker sides to people who care, who know what I’m talking about, who feel the same way. But at the end of the day, it’s no good to dwell on those thoughts until you go crazy. Make sure you get to smile every once in a while!


One thought on “The girl I am.

  1. However you want to write your blog is perfect because it is for you. We are here because we enjoy the way you write and how you present and handle the subject matter.

    I appreciate your blog and the time you take to write it. Thank you.

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