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Things people look for when they come to my blog.


I keep laughing and sometimes wondering at the search terms used to find my blog. Note: Some are too shocking or awful to post here. See bottom for that one.


– “how to lie to my parents about breaking my nose”

How did you break your nose? I suppose the only reason why you would lie is because somebody hurt you, somebody you want them to like. I suppose you tell them the truth.

– “life in european mountains”

It’s wonderful, I suggest everyone try it out at least once!

-“nice tits”

Well, thanks….

– “female nice tits”

Hum. Well I guess they’re almost always female.

– “daughters fine tits”

You shouldn’t speak of your daughter that way.

– “fundamentalist hairstyle”

Let it grow as long as you can. Curl it!

– “my daughter is a christian fundamentalist idiot”

Be there for her. Stop nagging all the time. And be there. AND STOP CRITIZING. Only way to get her to trust you.

– “post cleaning in slaughterhouse”


– “i like a girl from the supermarket”

Say: “Hi, my name is (insert your name HERE!) and I like you. Would you like a cup of coffee some time?”

-“anna duggar too much make up”

I think Anna Duggar’s make up looks wonderful. I keep wondering if a professional does it for the show. Either way, she looks beautiful.

-“christian patrarchcal man having sex outside marriage”

Just like all other men in the world sometimes do.

– “clean slaughterhouse”

You again? Ok, how about you scrub it down?

-“why aren’t the duggar girls married”

Because they haven’t found a suitable match I suppose.

-“whats the duggars daughters name that left home”

I don’t know but leave a comment below if you do!

-“do amish girls have sex”

No. Matter of fact, amish in general don’t have sex. That’s why they died out. Oh wait…

-“mom gives me the silent treatment”

Tell your mom that it hurts you to be treated that way. Ask her to speak to you so you can resolve the issue and mend the relationship. Make sure to tell her that the silent treatment is very painful and you wish you could speak more openly about your problems. It’s normal to have arguments with your parents, remember that too!

-“mirror mirror on the wall jokes about age”

I hope you did not tell those jokes to a woman!

-“why do amish have nice houses”

Barn raising. And Decorations. Makes all the difference!

-“did anna duggar always wear skirts?”

I believe so, if you know for sure comment!

-“interview “lisa bennet”christian”

Do you mean ME? I don’t think there’s one. You’re free to ask anything you want to know and to read my blog though!

-“my naked body”

There’s nothing wrong with it.

At last I want to say that I’m shocked how many inappropriate terms are used to find me blog (among them plenty looking for amish porn, sex with children, incest, or imply that a child has been abused such as “i broke my daughters hymen”). I wish there was some way to avoid that or find out IPs of highly weird sounding search terms.



9 thoughts on “Things people look for when they come to my blog.

  1. None of the Duggars have left home.

    Anna (Keller) Duggar always wore skirts growing up, except when they were allowed to play during gametime in AWANA clubs in Palatka, Florida until they reached ninth grade. During gametime, Anna wore coulottes, though they were homemade and nearly floor length and bulky/baggy enough to appear to be a skirt….so, yes? they always wore dresses…maybe.

    For the record, I am certain I found your site searching some smattering of terminology involving patriarchy/quiverfull/ati/cults…haha

    Thank you for writing out your story so far and your growing and evolving perspective on it and life in general. Its been a blessing and a resource of sorts as I figure out my own path walking out of a similar previous lifestyle as you own.

  2. This post made me laugh so hard, and I’m still giggling in such a stupid way that my kids would roll their eyes and then want to read what I found so funny, so I’m glad they’re outside.

    – “female nice tits”
    Seriously, you probably haven’t been to many public swimming pools as a kid. If you had, you would KNOW why this search had the qualifier “female” in it LOL!! Be thankful that your parents spared you that kind of exposure!!

    I’m sure I’ve typedt in some really odd-ball searches in my lifetime, especially when hunting for interesting material for homeschooling. Once, back before lost my naivety about the internet, I searched for “reproducible human body parts” so I could print them for free, and my kids could color them, cut them out, and paste them onto a life-sized paper person. What kid wouldn’t just LOVE that? I ended up accidentally pulling up a porn site (first/last porn I’d ever seen), and my computer caught a near-fatal venereal disease which landed it in the computer shop for a week. So I learned: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SEARCH FOR !! And have a good anti-virus program :-).

    My sister has a small hobby dairy farm, and she was telling me about some of the crazy-sounding searches she has done lately looking for info about one of their mama goat’s still-born babies: “dead baby goat with no eyes” Seriously, if anyone randomly read that, they would probably think she is a deranged psycho who needs to be put away!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Hi, I’ve just read parts 1-19 of your story and I’d love to read the rest of it but I can’t find it – did you stop writing it? I know it’s your life and not just some stranger’s entertainment but my gosh, you’re a great writer and your story is riveting. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hey! Hmm that’s weird that they don’t show up when searching. On the top of my blog (under the flower banner) there should be a tab about my story where I linked all the ones I did so far together. Let me know if it works for you there! I hope nothing broke with my links because I’m reallllllly bad at fixing things like that!

  4. My list of searches leanse heavily to searches for some type of spanking, wife spanking, child spanking, sex spanking, gay spanking, clothed spanking, bare-butt spanking, spanking with spoon, etc.etc. etc. I only write an ex-spanker post about every 6 months or so, and I’ve written about many other things, but spanking definetely gets the most hits. I loved you responses to your searches. 🙂 I have some really weird ones too, maybe I should do this sometime.

    • Oh I know what you mean. I wrote ONE post about amish girls and now all kinds of people looking for “amish porn” end up here. I didn’t even know there was such a high demand for it because at least 5-6 searches looking for that end up here daily!

  5. Um… have you got it arse over tit (as we’re in vulgar mood!)? The searchers didn’t say “I wonder what terms will find me the wonderful Broken Daughters blog”, rather they were looking in their Rule 34 way for stuff for whatever reason, and Google (I’m guessing it was our overlord of the internet, the mighty Google) search software said “hmmm… you’re looking for [some stuff] – I think you might find it on this lass’s blog”.

    Google clearly reads your blog differently from the rest of us!

    Isn’t laughter great?

    • Yeah that’s what I meant! I just think google sends the weirdest search terms to my blog! I mean, just because there is ONE mentioning of the word “slaughterhouse” in one of my older posts, google seems to believe I know very well how to clean one… Google is definatly a funny thing.

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