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The pointless Tuesday: All about Beds.


I’m working on some major homework at the moment and I have about 10 (!!!) posts half finished in my drafts-folder but I can’t concentrate on writing something that actually has a point. So today I’m doing a pointless Tuesday. I present you:

7 pointless thoughts – on beds.

1. My friends find it weird and pointless that I iron all my sheets and bedding. “It’s so stupid,” they say, “it gets all wrinkly once you sleep in it anyway!”. That is true, but I think ironed stuff in general smells like heaven and I like my bedding to smell like heaven! Plus, I might be imagining this, but it feels soooooo much softer once it’s all neatly ironed!

2. I think I wrote a post on this ages ago… I bought this really fancy mattress. When I lived with my family all the ones there were kind of used and not uncomfortable, but also not high quality. I splurged on my own mattress, mostly because I suffered from back pains from time to time. I bought one of those fancy memory foam 7 zones with extreme awesomeness things. Downside: You have to turn it over every 2-4 weeks and it’s so heavy, I always need help.

3. I always sleep on my right side. I can’t fall asleep in any other position. And once I’m asleep, I’m asleep. Seriously, you could have a band playing right next to me, I won’t wake up. I’m used to sleeping with noise in the background. Downside: Now that I’m living alone, I need 5 different alarm clocks placed in places that I can’t reach from a sleeping position to wake up in the morning. Unless my roommate is home and awake to wake me up.

4. My bedroom is a mix of old furniture I repaired and beautified and Ikea furniture. I’m obsessed with Ikea.

5. I do not like colorful bedding. I like things in the bedroom to be almost clinical white. Lots of people don’t like this sterile feel but I love it. Colorful bedding and sheets feel dirty to me.

6. Back to the swedish obsession: Imagine Ikea had a baby with H&M, what do you think would come out? H&M Home. It’s pretty pricy and I don’t know if H&M US has it (it’s not on the American page so I guess not), but I love almost all the things they make. They’re actually really cheap once they’re on sale. I bought these duvet covers in white with 2 different prints, the one on the imagine and one with an china-ink orchid design for 10 Euro each on sale. I was hyped.

7. I make my bed every day. If I forget to make it in the morning, or don’t have time, I will make it the moment before I go to sleep. It doesn’t matter that I’m about to mess it up again. I will make it in my PJs and jump right into it. I can’t stand sleeping in beds that are not made.

Any pointless thoughts to add? =D

4 thoughts on “The pointless Tuesday: All about Beds.

  1. I have never understood making beds. When I was about 10 I begged my mom to let me sleep on top of all the covers so that I wouldn’t have to make the bed in the morning. As an adult, I don’t think that I have made my bed once. The only time that I have a made bed is after washing the sheets and then I’m always irritated because I have to pull back the covers and it slows down the process of getting into bed. I just want to flop straight down onto it!

    • Hahaha sleeping on top of the covers, I think I would let my kids do that once simply because it’s such a smart and cute idea. Plus, it would prove them it doesn’t work!
      If you have to pull a lot of stuff back to get into bed you do NOT have the right technique! I could teach classes on making beds haha

  2. Love it! Actually, my 11-year old is an expert bed-maker. He is very mechanically inclined, and I think he just loves the method and precision of making a bed look perfectly smooth. He is so sweet: he started making my bed each morning when I was pregnant and pretty sick with our 3rd baby, and he did such a great job and received such glowing praise and thanks for it every day that he STILL does it for me, over 3 years later! He still gets daily praise for it, especially because he does it SOOOOO much better than I do! He loves doing something better than Mom, and I loathe making my bed, so it’s a pretty good deal.

    I have not had a decent night of sleep in over 3 years. I don’t ever drink caffeine, but for some reason, my body doesn’t want to go into a deep sleep or stay asleep for more than about 30-60 minutes at a time. Maybe it’s my hormones. Maybe my body is in a habit of getting up to comfort little ones at night so that it doesn’t know what to do with a long, quiet night. Maybe it’s the loudly snoring, snorting husband I share a bed with. Anyway, I miss sleeping the way you do. When I was your age, I never imagined that I could function on so little, poor-quality sleep, but so far I guess I’m doing Ok. This is a very fun “pointless” post, by the way!!

    • Oh what a sweet boy! I think making beds is also a great way to start a day. It kind of signalizes your body that sleeping is over and looking at a made bed kind of wakes me up. Maybe he likes the ritual feel of “saying goodbye to the night” as well hehe

      I sort of know what you mean about the conditioning to wake up. I sometimes have this thing, when I know I have to get up much earlier than usual, say at 5 AM, I will start waking up at 3 AM, panicked because I didn’t hear an alarm go off and believe I overslept… Until I realize it’s just 3AM. I’ll fall asleep again within a second but wake up every 30 minutes thinking the same thing haha. But it’s not like that all the time, just when it’s REALLY important and I’m nervous or something. I wish I could tell you an amazing secret how to find sleep again… I can’t! Try acting like a bag of potatoes… it’s what I do!

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