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Interesting projects coming up!


I’m sure most of you know Libby Anne from love, joy, feminism, one of my favourite bloggers!

A while ago she posted about a Q&A project she’s working on (read here!). I’m very excited for this! If you are among the “lazy” readers or you simply don’t have time to read many different blogs, I think you’re going to enjoy that one. It will be a bunch of ex-P/QF people who grew up in fundamentalist movements answering all kinds of questions, which Libby will put together into sectioned posts. (Note: The questions are already put together so you can’t really add any at this point)

I think it’s going to turn out great and I’m really really excited to hear detailed accounts from different people. It can be very hard to understand the movement and there’s so many different ways to live P/QF. Reading one blog at a time can be confusing because stories and lifestyles will greatly vary from each other. No family lives like the other one, sometimes there’s regional differences, theological ones, you name it! It’s a great idea to put these different views together so a reader can actually have a sort of overview over the different styles.

I believe many of you already read that she’s working on this, but I wanted to make sure that you remember to check her blog the next few weeks for those posts. If you came to my blog by accident or you haven’t read into it much yet but you’re interested in learning more about the American P/QF movement, this will be great for you.

I especially recommend it because Libby’s style is so amazing. Though being involved, her posts are always very objective and well structured. She has this way of presenting the issue, I envy her for that a lot. I try to learn from her, but it never seems to work for me. Her posts are never confusing, always so full of information and amazing thoughts… It’s definitely one of the most informative blogs you can read on P/QF. But even she has this almost scientifical approach, it’s never cold and always very emotional for me to read her blog. Yes, I’m raving… Can you tell just how much Libby’s blog helped me?


2 thoughts on “Interesting projects coming up!

  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I’m flattered! To be honest, I can’t wait to see the final product of this project either! And thanks so much for agreeing to participate. I follow your blog regularly, and I’m still waiting for you to complete your series on why and how you left. 🙂

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