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No inspiration but a quick thought

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I’m feeling really uninspired lately. I just wanted to share a spot we saw on TV a while ago.

I remember I was sitting there on the couch with my roommate, we had another friend over and we actually grew silent while this was running, waiting what the end of it would be. It’s pretty much wordless, and you won’t even need to understand the three words spoken to understand what it’s about. Of course, I’ll tell you anyway, the girl asks “Mom, is this grandpa?”

(“Be there for old people for as long as they are there”)

This just made me so sad.I sat there, thinking about what I had just seen and wondering if it’s going to be that way in my family. I’m so afraid that there might come a day I just don’t care enough any more. Days where holding grudges over the past is so much more important than the presence. Of course I had problems with my parents. Of course I wish things would’ve been different between us back then. But, as stupid as it sounds, I do not want any of this for my parents.

It kind of gave me a new push of energy to work things out, not in a way that I submit or just shut up for the sake of peace, but actually trying my best to get along.

Anything strange like this that made you think about your life lately?


One thought on “No inspiration but a quick thought

  1. I applaud you for being determined to work things out, but don’t feel disappointed in yourself if it doesn’t work out. Your parents might be the ones to decide that you are too dangerous/worldly/etc to be around.

    While that vid is sad, sometimes, in some families, there has to be a rift. The grandparents are too poisonous to be allowed to interact with the grandchildren. I’ve known of/been acquainted with folks whose parents were abusive/drug addicts/alcoholics etc, and they were very concerned about keeping their parents away from the grandkids, because they were afraid of the harm the grandparents could do to their kids.

    And hopefully, if you have your own kids, your parents will realize that they’ll have to accept you as you are or be shut out of their grandkid(s)’ live(s).

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