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The internet and me.


I have never been good at the internet. Really. I constantly forget to check the comments on my blog, or the messages on my Facebook, and reaching me via email is about as likely as meeting the pope.

People make fun of me. “Did you see the link I sent you on Facebook?” – “No. I didn’t check my Facebook in… 4 weeks.”. Or “Are you coming??” – “Coming where???” – “OMG did you not see it on Facebook???”

And on top of all that, I’m not quite sure why I own a cell in the first place. I use it as an alarm clock in the morning. That’s about it. Sometimes people call me, sometimes I even pick up – if I don’t have it set on silent, and the battery is recharged, and I actually carry it around with me and didn’t leave it on the nightstand where a normal alarm clock would spend all day, typically.

Texts are even worse. I read them all. But I never reply. Not because I’m a bad person or I don’t like you, I simply forget! A while ago my boss texted me (on Tuesday) to ask if I would come in on Sat to cover for someone who called in sick. I went there on Friday for a coffee with my friend. My boss came running at me asking if I didn’t get his text.

“Oh, yeah, I got it!”

“Then why didn’t you reply??”

“Well, I forgot. But I’ll come in tomorrow.”

“Why couldn’t you just tell me on Tuesday???”

“Well, (giggling) I thought thinking that I’ll come will do it.”


Yes, people get frustrated with me, but I also get frustrated with people.

I don’t understand why you would need your phone at all times unless you’re essential for the survival of the human race in case of an alien invasion! I hate when people keep texting/what’s apping/emailing while talking to me. I hate that everybody has to check everything on the internet. I hate when people sit with me, drinking coffee, interrupt me to tell me “I have to update my Facebook so people know where I am”. People most likely do NOT want to know where you are at all times. I hate when people keep downloading useless apps just to show me what they can do with it.

I generally hate when people can’t concentrate on what’s really going on because they’re so caught up typing crap into their phones that won’t change ANYTHING about reality for ANYBODY.

I think it’s rude, it’s inappropriate, it’s bad manners.

And most of all: I hate when people freak out because they don’t have their phone for, like, an hour. Most can’t imagine being without their phones for a week.

Here’s an update: You do not die if you don’t play around on your smart phone for a day. Nobody will miss you. The internet will keep existing even without your constant input of information nobody asked for (and cares for, for that matter).

Can you tell how much I hate phones?


5 thoughts on “The internet and me.

  1. I got my first cell phone with a bare-bones plan a couple of months ago. I still haven’t figured out how to text. And I do the same thing with my email, I get it and think “Oh I’ll reply to that later” and then it takes me several weeks. Right in the middle of this blog move I feel completely lost, like half of it doesn’t make sense to me, and I keep thinking I should post and then it just doesn’t come together. Blah!

  2. You remind me of a commercial my best friend was telling me about. This young woman is concerned that her parents are unsocial because they only have NINE friends on Facebook. The commercial apparently shows her Facebooking her life while cutting to her parents who are doing things like ATVing, parasailing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, cruising, etc–all with friends. She sits in her little room conversing with unseen friends worried about parents who are out living life.

    I started carrying a cell phone due to a disabled child and elderly parents. It’s part of my purse. I never answer texts and only 3 people know I can even receive texts. It takes me about five minutes to text one “Sure See you Tues” to a friend. And that’s 16 hours after I got the text! I do check Facebook daily though–but updating it is more likely to be sharing pictures of my cats, the weather or roadside flowers than actual information. And never where I am. Everyone should know where I am when I update–I’m home sitting in front of my computer. No apps on my cell.

  3. I agree that society hasn’t yet found balance with life and technology. Smart phones are still so new and amazing! I actually think they’re a little freaky with their built in GPS locators and all. I just have a basic pay-as-you-go cell phone, not a smart phone. No apps. No internet. And frankly, if Hubby didn’t insist on me having it, I’d probably do without.

    I am on Facebook though…pretty much all day long. See, I’m a stay-at-home mom with no daytime transportation…in a small town with no public transportation. Facebook is my link to the world. I can share little tidbits about my day/my kids with my friends who are also stay-at-home moms. I can keep in touch with my long-distance relatives (even my dear old grandpa is on Facebook!). I personally believe I have found some sort of balance with my use of technology. 🙂

    One thing I refuse to do is video-chat! Skype kind of freaks me out too. 🙂

  4. I feel the same way about people using their phones while talking to me. It’s awful! My mom had a meltdown because my husband and I didn’t want to pay for unlimited texting each month. She really doesn’t need to be able to get a hold of me 24/7. And I do usually keep my phone with me, so calling would be an option. People are so obsessed with texting and social media.

  5. I understand you so well! For almost two years I needed to have my cell with me because of my sick parents. For them and for me it really was important that they could get me whenever they needed me – and especially in the last months of my mother’s life it was unfortunately rather often. Whenever my mother was in trouble my at this time 92 year old father called me, knowing that I would find a way to sort out the trouble even if I couldn’t just come around myself. And after my mother’s death I had the cell with me because it was something like my father’s “life line”. When he was confused and sad, the nurses in his home called me and I comforted him; when he felt lonely he called. It just was important to him that he could at least talk to me – and in a way it was very important to me to have my cell phone because I know: As long as it was quiet father was okay.

    Last year in February my father died. Since then I often forget my cell phone at home or in the car – and as much as I miss my parents I certainly don’t miss having my cell phone with me all the time. Just on the contrary. Not having it anymore in the back bag of my trousers is a kind of -“freedom” I still enjoy. And like you: I really, really hate it when I want to talk to a friend and he plays all the time around with his phone and shows me that every one who calls him is obviously more important than me. It’s bad manners and it makes me angry – so angry in fact that I once let a friend simply sit in a cafe because he couldn’t stop playing around with his cell. I told him if he wants to talk to other people I wouldn’t want to keep him from it and went away.

    Admittedly I like facebook – though I’ll certainly never tell all the time where I am! But because I don’t like talking on phone very much (something my friends and family often complain about) facebook is my way to keep the cell phone quiet. Every three or four days I do “something” – like putting a link to an article in a newspaper or a blog – into my facebook account, showing my friends and family: “I’m alive and well”. For that I like facebook very much. But when i look at the people I’m communicating with over facebook – it’s mostly people from “real life” like my cousins, my nephews and close friends.

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