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Holidays = Movie time!


I am addicted to movies. As an ex-QF girl, I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to movies. But I didn’t just want to post “Movies you all know that I finally got to watch”. Instead I decided to pressure you guys to watch some movies I think you might not have seen yet, but you missed out on!

1. Sophie Scholl – The final days

I’m a sucker for WW 2 movies. One of the best in this genre is the German production “Sophie Scholl – The final days”. Sophie and her brother Hans were members of the “white rose”, a anti-nazi resistance group in Munich. Until today there is a memorial for her and her brother in at the Munich University: metal leaflets on the floor, in the place where they actually distributed their leaflets. Absolutely fascinating movie. It’s one of my favourite movies ever.

Note that there is a mistranslation in the subtitles – the movie plays in 1942 and Sophie was in fact born 1921 – not 1941 as the subtitle says. The audio does state the correct year of her birth.

2. Grave Decisions

Yet another German production (and a comedy) but nevertheless worth watching. The German title is “Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot” (literally: “Those who die early are dead for longer”). I could not find a trailer and I imagine it’s hard to find the English version (called “Grave Decisions”). If you happen to come across it, I can highly recommend it. In a rural village in the Bavarian alps, a little boy is convinced that he killed his mother – because she died the day he was born – and tries to find a way to make up for it. In case you believe that you can watch this movie with high school German skills – forget about that right away. All of it is spoken in a very deep Bavarian dialect which is intelligible to pretty much every German north of the white sausage border. I had difficulties keeping up with it. Thank God for German subtitles. A side note, how weird is it that they’re actually selling a German movie with German subtitles because otherwise a vast majority in this country could not understand this film? And no, this is not “German subtitles for the hearing impaired”. It’s two sets of subtitles on the dvd: German AND German for the hearing impaired.

3. Amelie (or: The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain)

Yes, I will admit, I wish I was Amelie. Who doesn’t??? French production and much better known. One of those movies which just makes you happy and love life – without being cheesy and stereotypical for even a second! If you’re fed up with romantic comedies, watch this, it’ll restore your hopes for the genre. If you hate romance, watch it. If you hate comedy, watch it. No matter what type of film person you are, this movie is so unlike everything else out there, it’s a must. Easily one of the best movies ever made. I would hope there is an English dub because then you won’t have subtitles distract you from the amazing images in this movie, but if not, watch it with subtitles!

Yes. So. Watch those if you’re bored.

5 thoughts on “Holidays = Movie time!

  1. Excellent recommendations.
    I’ve seen Sophie Scholl and agree with you whole-heartedly.
    Not widely known, but the White Rose points to her deeply-held Lutheran faith.
    The white rose was Luther’s personal family symbol.

  2. I haven’t seen the others yet but I love Amelie. I had no idea that she was homeschooled when I first saw it but thought that was cool. I will probably end up watching like four different versions of “A Christmas Carol” this holiday season. The Muppets one is a close second favorite of mine to the CGI Jim Carrey version. 🙂 Happy movie-watching!

  3. Dieses Mal versuche ich es auf Deutsch. Ich wünsche dir wunderschöne Weihnachtsferien! Lass es dir gut gehen! Die ausgewählten Filme sind klasse, hab ich auch schon gesehen 🙂

  4. The hubby and I LOVED Sophie Scholl! We saw it for the first time not long ago. Such an inspiring and heartbreaking story. We have been watching more and more foreign films and BBC productions over the past few years and find that we like that style so much more than Hollywood style. In fact, a lot of Hollywood films now seem pretty cheesy to us compared with those made in other places. A few films we have really enjoyed lately include: The Singing Revolution (a really terrific documentary about Estonia’s fight for freedom, good even if you aren’t crazy about documentaries), John Rabe (great German drama about the man who saved the lives of so many Chineses citizens during the invasion), The Way Back (based on a true story and on a book written by an escapee from a prison camp… the book of course is better than the movie, but the movie is really good, even though it is a Hollywood production :-)), As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me (AMAZING German drama about an escape from a Siberian prison camp over 8000 miles… LOVED this movie!), Conspiracy Theory (Ok, this is a classic Mel Gibson that you have probably already seen, but it is so quirky and suspensful that we have to watch it over again every few years). We also really enjoyed War Horse recently; it it like Black Beauty for grown-ups :-). Those are our most recent favorites. Thank you for your movie reviews. I will have to check them out, and hopefully they are available here. Hope you have a great New Year!

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