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I figured I’d rework some aspects of my blog and one part of that is updating my blogroll.

Now, I am very hesitant about adding blogs to my blogroll. I had one case where a blogger specifically asked not to be linked on blogrolls, so I do not want to go around adding people without asking them.

Now, if you are a member of a larger blog community (NQL, pantheos etc), please know that I will understand this as a “free to link to me” sign.

If your blog is a private single blog, I will link if I know for sure that you have been linked multiple times on larger blogs and are ok with it.

If I am not sure and your blog is a single private blog, I will go ahead and ask you. There are some people who I am very unsure whether they’re ok with being linked to due to past events a troubles with their blogs – I will try to make sure to ask before I add you. Depending on how I can reach you, I will contact you via Facebook, Email or blog comment.

If you do not want to be linked at all, please let me know via Email.


3 thoughts on “Bloggers!

  1. Hmm, I don’t have a blogroll but hadn’t considered the idea that people might not want to be listed on one. I am rather new to blogging but figured it was kind of an honor and a good way to get more people to read your writing. I mean isn’t the purpose of a blog to share things you hope are of value and develop readership? Otherwise why not keep it password protected for the eyes of a chosen few or just keep a diary?

    • I agree but I find that sometimes there is a problem with the need to share and help others on one hand and the fear of what your own family might think if they read that blog on the other. I for my part do not mind at all when people put me on blogrolls without asking me.

      • I agree that there is often a tension between speaking out and causing friction with family and old friends, particularly given the topics at hand. I think if you want to keep your blog undiscovered by family it is best to use a pseudonym though. Writers have for a long time. Thankfully I don’t need to keep mine secret but I try to be discreet so people can’t just go googling my family. I have lots of younger siblings who might like some privacy.

        Nobody has ever asked me if I wanted to be added to their blog roll and I didn’t even imagine it was something that was done. I considered it a compliment when I saw it though.

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