Broken Daughters

Picking up the shattered glass of fundamentalism

Life… happens!


Life can be so intriguing. There are so many things happening right now. With christmas approaching fast and school and work and friends and all, I had way too little time to get anything done really. I’ll tell you a secret: I bought stacks and stacks of holiday decorations, and they’re still sitting in the corner of my room because I didn’t get around to actually decorate. I guess I could be doing that right now, but I figured I’d rather post on my blog!

I’m studying like crazy and I’m enjoying the results so far. It really feels good to know that the work you do is progressing. I enjoy the hours I spend reading books. Somehow, I consider that “me-time”.

In all this fuzz, I completely forgot getting home sick. I’m not home sick often anymore these days, but sometimes it hits me. Especially christmas is hard, when I miss baking and playing with my siblings. The excited eyes and the special air, kind of as if there were a well-kept secret in the room.

Here, christmas is different. Not worse, just very different. There’s mulled wine everywhere (literally, EVERYWHERE!), staining your lips black and blue after the second cup. The air is already icy, your ears will feel numb within a few minutes, lights everywhere.

Growing up on the country I enjoyed the few occasions we went shopping in a bigger city during christmas. The people, the lights, the overload of everything at once, it all fascinated me. Now I live in one of those “bigger cities” (well, I study there at least, but isn’t that kind of the same?), I learned to hate holidays in the city. I’m saying that with a smirk, and some genuine anger. The people, the lights, the overload of everything… it’s awful! I hate shopping, I hate wanting nothing but a pair of pants and instead getting beaten up by a horde of rabid shoppers at h&m because I grabbed the last pair of those pants that are on sale! I hate going to the inner city grocery store to get a small bottle of coke for my purse, standing in line for 20 minutes, just to end up smiling at the cashier who is, and I’m saying this as nicely as I can, in such a bad mood that I’m wondering if she is a close relative of the Grinch. Not even saying ‘hello’ to your customers is not friendly. Not replying to your customers’ friendly ‘hello’ is so unfriendly that I would bet my wallet on you sprouting green hair real soon. I would love to meet you with a “I won’t come here again!”, but matter of fact, this is the only place to get a bottle in the whole city – at least in walking distance – minus the drug store. So, why not go to the drug store? Well, because if the cashier at the grocery store is the Grinch’s close relative, the cashier at the drug store is his evil mother-in-law (who possibly turned the Grinch himself into a fur coat, evil as she is) and the lines at the checkout, oh, the lines… they’re even longer. I know where I won’t be buying any christmas gifts. Once you made it out of the coke-bottle hell, you stumble back onto the street just to bump into the next little hut that proclaims to sell “the best mulled wine in town”, as they all do. Now, you get to fight your way through the masses of people standing happily around with their steaming mugs as if they rented the place. And don’t even dare to touch anyone while making your way through, lest you’ll be gifted evil looks and hisses of “Watch out! My wine!”. Yeah, I get it, christmas is that time of the year where everyone gets to get drunk in the middle of the street – at 11 AM.

Either way, I recently found a solution that makes shopping much more pleasant. Why fight your way through the wine-drinking crowds when you can be a part of them? Instead of trying to beat my way through angry shoppers, ditching angry cashiers and trying not to spill other people’s wine, I just have 3 or 4 cups myself (but only one  before 11 AM, cause, you know, getting drunk too early is totally inappropriate!). Once I’m sufficiently funny to deal with the angry hordes again, I start skipping through the streets, into h&m, where this time I simply won’t care if that mean blonde pushes me to the side to steal the last jacket that’s on sale right now (that is, after I threatened her that I will literally and genuinely bite her if she takes the last one, my rabid eyes glittering angrily and just a touch of purple-colored spit emerging from my growling lips). Nah, I’ll just laugh it off and start singing “Who neeeeeds a jaaaacket when wiiiiiiiiiine keeps me waaaaarm!” and have another one. That will also stop me from going into that god awful grocery store again. The guys selling the mulled wine are so much nicer anyway.


4 thoughts on “Life… happens!

  1. Lol. I’m glad you are enjoying uni. I’m right on the middle of my exams so I’m not feeling the love right now. Wine before 11 AM, I don’t know why spaniards have the fame of being drunkards j/k. It’s being years since I last decorated for the holidays but my boyfriend and I have an awesome time all the same. Anyway, Happy holidays sweetheart!! Enjoy them them with your friends and gift yourself something cool =)

    • in the middle of exams RIGHT NOW?! Oh man, I hope you still get at least a little time off for christmas! Good luck and good nerves for your exams! Spaniards are drunkards? I never heard that before! I thought that was the French?! Hehehe

  2. I just read your “get to know me” series and you are a fantastic writer! Thanks for sharing your story! I would love to know the “rest” of the story…I put it in quotes, as it is likely still being written. 🙂

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