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The evolution lie


Disclaimer: SARCASM INTENDED! I know my argumentation is, of course, not valid (or even in any sense on par with the evolution theory). This post was inspired by a recent facebook comment in which it was argued that evolution cannot be real because new scientific results which cause minor changes in how evolution has progressed would invalidate the entire theory. 2000 years is not enough time to really bring forth visible changes (as far as I know) and also, I want to note that the dictionary definition I used was of course just one option and not the ‘basic’ meaning of evolution. No worries!

Growing up I believed that everything was God’s creation and that the earth was around 6000 years old. That seemed to make so much sense. There was all kinds of evidence, too! Like those guys who calculate population growth and find that the earth couldn’t be more than 6000 years old lest we be stacked on top of each other by now. I’m sorry for not looking this up in much more detail, it reminds me how much this frustrated me as a kid. I never really understood these things – my science classes weren’t advanced enough to really ‘get’ it.

Either way, I recently thought about creationism vs evolution. You see, after leaving I got some more into the whole science deal and found that evolution isn’t so bad. It actually kind of makes sense.

But there’s one thing, one major flaw in the evolution theory, and this I can’t get over.

If you look up the word evolution, you’ll find the meaning described as something like this:

“A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form”

So, by default, if evolution were true, we would expect humans, and all other living beings, to develop into something better.

When I read my Bible, I read tales of adultery, crime and anger, of cowardice and violence and whatnot. The woman who cheats on her man. The warriors who kill their enemies. The man who can’t wait to slit every baby boy’s throat. The calls for a stoning here and a stoning there. For bringing kids and women into subjection, for allowing parents to do as they please when it comes to their kids. You know the story. It’s all there, the lies, the slander, the awful ways people act.

Fast forward 2000+ years later. I read calls for the stoning of rebellious children. I read stories of ‘betrothal’ in which the opinion and will of a woman is neglected to a point to (borderline-)rape as a form of marriage promise. Of people hating those different from themselves (e.g. gays, muslims, and so on, google is your friend!). Of people demanding a ‘christian nation’ and punishment of ‘sins’ by civil law.

We haven’t changed at all! We haven’t become better people. We are still those evil, filled-with-hate bigots who fear everything outside our own comfort zone. Evolution tells me that humanity should develop. I don’t see it. In fact I wish evolution did what scientists say it should do, because then we could finally get over all of these awful ideas and believes and just live happily ever after. But as long as narrow-minded believers block all forms of evolution into better human beings, I don’t see that happening.

Can I get a Q.E.D.?


11 thoughts on “The evolution lie

  1. Hi, ich kommentiere mal auf Deutsch (ich hoffe, das ist ok), da ich sehr wenig Zeit habe (Hausarbeiten ohne Ende, du kennst das vielleicht). Ich glaube einer der größten Fehler, die du machst, ist, dass du annimmst, dass 2000 Jahre eine lange Zeit sind. Wenn man die Evolutionstheorie aber ernst nimmt, ist es das aber ganz und gar nicht! Schau dir doch einmal an, wie viele MILLIONEN Jahre es gedauert hat, bis wir erstmals von Menschen und nicht mehr von Menschenähnlichen reden. Schau dir zum Beispiel an, wie lange es gedauert hat, bis unsere affenähnlichen von Baum zu Baum hangelnden Vorfahren sich zu aufrecht gehenden Menschenähnlichen entwickelt haben.

    Ich glaube, dass ist wirklich die allergrößte Schwachstelle in deiner Argumentation, denn 2000 Jahre sind nix. Wirklich nix. Null. Niente. Nada.
    Und dann kann man natürlich diskutieren, was “besser” aus evolutionstheoretischer Sicht bedeutet… Bedeutet das moralischere Menschen? Das könnte man stark bezweifeln. Aber das ist ein Fass, dass ich jetzt wirklich nicht aufmachen will.

    • Uh uh uh vielleicht hätte ich dazu noch einen ‘sarcasm intended’ disclaimer dazu fügen sollten – das war natürlich KEINE ernst gemeinte argumentation, sondern vielmehr inspiriert von einem Kommentar auf Facebook (leider kann ich den grade auch nicht mehr finden), in dem argumentiert wurde, dass evolution deshalb falsch ist, weil eine Studie des Max-Planck-Instituts gefunden hat, dass der Neandertaler wohl sehr wahrscheinlich mit einer anderen Gruppe Menschen verwandt ist, die geographisch sehr weit von Siedlungsgebiet entfernt ist. WARUM das jetzt (laut dem right wing commentor) ein Beweis gegen die Theorie war, konnte ich auch nicht ganz nachvollziehen. Ich nehme mal an, dass es dieses ‘wenn du deine Meinung änderst, dann liegst du sowieso falsch’ denken ist. Wie dem auch sei, keine Panik, ich habe mich mit der Evolutionstheorie befasst – NATÜRLICH ist die Zeitspanne so kurz, dass da eigentlich nix großes passieren kann – übrigens auch ein Faktor, der von den right wingers gerne als argumentation gegen evolution benutzt wird (“wenn es das gibt, warum kann ichs dann nicht sehen?!?!”). Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar! Klausurenzeit, erzähl mir was… hahaha

      • Ach je, ich bin ja soooooooo schlecht im Sarkasmus erkennen. ^^ Meine Schwester hat mich gestern auch “reingelegt”. ^^ Ich hatte mich irgendwie schon gewundert, weil der Kommentar dir nicht wirklich ähnlich sah, aber dann is ja jut (wie man in Kölle sagt). 🙂

        • jaaa aber ich geb zu dass das ein bisschen ungeschickt formuliert war. Die Köllner! Ich wollte schon letztes Jahr auf Karneval (oder wie nennt ihr das da? Hier heisst es anders) und habe es nicht geschafft. Hatte die Hoffnung, dass ich es dieses Jahr schaffe aber ich glaube die Zeit reicht nicht 😦

  2. Sry für die Rechtschreibfehler. Ich finde übrigens deinen Blog klasse. Würde auch gerne wieder mehr darüber hören, wie es dir gerade so geht, ob du Kontakt zu deiner Familie hast und was dein Studium so macht. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Köln.

  3. I think you’re using the dictionary in a strange way here. The point of the dictionary is to give people who consult it the most common meanings of a word, in order from most to least-used and eventually archaic, etc. Looking up “evolution” gives you a sense of how average people use the word on a day to day basis, and when I say, informally, that something has “evolved,” I mean that it has developed in some way, but this is not a definition of evolution as scientists use the word, and evolutionary theorists have never claimed that humanity was getting better. Scientists use “evolution” to mean “changes in inherited characteristics in a population over time” and they believe that it leads to more diversity and that inherited traits that do not enhance reproductive advantage will gradually disappear, but I have never heard that they think species are getting better.

    I totally agree mankind is not getting better, and I don’t know where I stand on evolutionary theory (some pieces of it are more convincing to me than others), but you’re not really criticizing evolution as a theory here, just as a colloquial language usage. Which is fine.

  4. “Better” doesn’t mean “adhering more to my moral standards.” Better just means that they are able to have more kids – whether that’s by living longer, eating better, or having kids more frequently. Unfortunately, there’s a rather large disconnect between what scientists say evolution is and what the popular imagination thinks that means.

    But that necessarily mean that humans are stuck in a brutal stage. While the data is open to interpretation and I think that Pinker does need to be taken with a grain of salt, check out Steven Pinker’s TED talk: The surprising decline in violence.

  5. Better is clearly not what happens. All evolution defines is what is able to breed.

  6. Hi Lisa:

    I have read most of your blog sometime ago. I really feel for you and hope that you have now found some happiness. Last time I read, you were hoping that your mom would visit. I really hope that it happened for you both.

    This is a quote from “Eckhart Tolle” from his very famous book “NEW EARTH”. If you can get some time to read more that your school work, I would really recommend you read it. I found it so inspirational.

    “The next step in human evolution is not inevitable, but for the first time in the history of our planet, it can be a conscious choice. Who is making that choice?
    You are. And who are you? Consciousness that has become conscious of itself.”

    I really think humans are changing for the better. It is taking a very long time, but the time has come when we have no choice. If we want to survive as a species, we have to change. With the advent of the internet so much information is coming to light!!!

  7. “Better” means a higher ability to survive. It’s not a moral statement.

  8. sheila0405 is right. Evolution is what you make of it. You are what you eat, so eat healthy. Which clearly means a diet full of high-fructose corn syrup, tobacco, ganga, preservatives, any amount of sodium per serving (times 4, of course, as that is how many servings are in a bag of some chips), and whatever the hell bologna is.

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