Broken Daughters

Picking up the shattered glass of fundamentalism

Useful links for broken daughters

All of these links are pages that I personally read and still read regularly. There are soooo many other pages which I might not even know, so please don’t take this as an absolute list! If you have recommendation, feel free to link them in the comments, I’ll check them out and add them!

You can read the story of my life here.

Projects and pages about spiritual abuse, explanations, definitions, what to do when you want to get out, etc etc: – A site with articles about QF and fundamentalist lifestyle, a forum where you can find fellowship and the possibility to receive free counseling if you are in need. – Full of stories of survivors, articles, links, etc etc. Caution, you might end up spending several hours reading! – Many articles, stories and advice. There is also a book with the same title that I haven’t read yet, but I heard it’s very good. – Focusing especially on spiritual abuse in Christianity. Lots of helpful articles to heal from the abuse. – Another page about spiritual abuse and how to recognize it. (Not being updated anymore but still good articles!) – A page against the Pearl’s teachings how to train your children. I recommend reading if you still have doubts whether the method is right or wrong.

Useful and encouraging blogs: – Blog by a man who did not himself grow up in a fundamentalist group, but has suffered from being engaged to a fundamentalist daughter. Very interesting and helpful posts from a sane person’s view. Attention: Uses strong language whenever necessary. – A wonderful blog about a man (yes, the guys suffer too!) who entered a marriage with the Gothard mindset and is now on his way into a new life (with family of course). Also covers other topics. Love his posts! – Wonderfully subtle, loving, poetic blog about the struggles that adults from QF families face. Focuses especially on the motherhood/family issues. Also some very insightful posts about religion.


3 thoughts on “Useful links for broken daughters

  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m excited that you find it worth reading. Just have to say, I LOVE your statement on your My Beliefs page. Don’t rush it. You’ll get there. This is coming from one who is admittedly far from “being there”.

    Enjoy writing. It is great therapy.

  2. I just discovered your blog and story. Your title wrenches me … broken daughters. And yet it is very apropos, for so many *are* broken … hearts, wills, spirits … may you find healing and peace and come to know true love. Blessings to you.

  3. Thanks for linking to my site. I’m so happy and thankful that you find it helpful. All the glory to God.

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